“All things are difficult before they are easy.” – Thomas Fuller


A personal post.


It has dawned on me that in the past 3 months I have been juggling 3 jobs; My day job that runs from 9 – 6pm on the weekdays, and 2 part time instructor jobs clocking in 10 classes a week. To top things off, I have started my Pilates TT which entail full day trainings on both Saturday and Sunday (mind you that I still need to clock in self practice and observation hours to get certified as a Pilates instructor).

Workaholic much; I agree. All this work takes up 90% of my day. And all I’m left with mostly are 20 min commutes between places with work on my mind/replying WhatsApp texts, a quick dinner before I sleep and wake to work another day.

So the purpose of this blog was to write truthfully about what it means to pursue one’s passion with a need for a switch in careers. While such is often described as “hard” and taking a “leap of faith”, I wanted to honestly describe my journey through this. Probably for the purpose of reflection and an honour if it were to help anyone on a similar pursuit.

I have no social life. I haven’t seen my best gal pal in months. Dates with my partner are commutes to work/home (Though we did have a nice short holiday in Tokyo recently) and all I am looking forward to mostly, is a quiet weekend to sleep to my heart’s (body’s) content.

But I am not complaining.

While being constantly tired I am still left feeling humbled at the end of each day; by friends who have stuck around in spite of my physical absence in their lives, my family who in their own way remind me that I am loved, by my partner who makes time for me and takes care of me and encourages me whenever I feel low. I feel blessed to have the daily opportunity to pursue all that I have sought out to do. And with that, I am somehow able to recognise that being this physically tired is just an outcome of doing all these things as a human being.

And what helps me to cope?

1. Perseverance: Remember why you started

2. Discipline and Staying organised: There is no time to waste, create efficiency with what little time you have to maximise it.

3. Creating your own ritual: I make sure that every morning I have time to brush and curl my hair. Before my day in the office starts I have a song that I listen on repeat and I never rush into the office, it is always a calm slow walk with my earphones plugged in. At the end of each day, I run a hot shower and scan through the schedule for the days ahead before I sleep.

Be kind to yourself – Probably the most important of all. Take time off for some “me time” and its never wrong to reach out to someone when you need someone to talk to. Lastly, the only failure is not trying at all and we are not perfect, so its okay to need help, to fall; just remember to stand up once you’re ready.