The Barre Life

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“Do one thing everyday that scares you,”

Oh why yes, I have my face and name on Upside Motion’s instructor profile!┬áThus marking the start of my journey with Xtend Barre.

So yes, I found Xtend Barre many years ago when I was seeking out ways to get back my fitness levels post injury. Yoga and Pilates were great but ballet has heavy demands in the cardio department; and Xtend Barre was just what I needed.

Fast forward to 2017 – Here I am, a licensed Xtend Barre instructor.

SO what is Xtend Barre anyway?

It is a workout that combines ballet and Pilates techniques into a fast-paced cardio activity that targets small muscle groups.

Why Xtend Barre?

  1. Achieve lean and long muscles (like a ballerina)
  2. Whittle away your waist and burn fat
  3. Tone stubborn areas without the need for heavy gym equipment
  4. Need I really say more?

Where can I sign up?

Head over to Upside Motion – beautiful studios located in Orchard, Cityhall and Shenton. Check out their class schedule here.

What’s next Tabby?

Time will tell but being fiercely passionate about dance and fitness for both dancers, ex-dancers and non-dancers, the path ahead is definitely an exciting one.

Ciao for now,